Lab Equipment

Wide variety of Ice Makers, Centrifuges, Stirrers, Lab Pumps, Autoclave Equipment, Microscope Equipment, Homogenizers & Accessories, Vacuum Chambers, Vacuum Traps, Fermenters, Power Supplies, Ovens, Water Purification Equipment, Lab Shakers & Accessories, Lab Pump Accessories, Heat Blocks, Glassware Washers, Desiccators & Accessories, Furnace Equipment, Freezers, Thermal Cyclers, Freeze Driers, Heating Mantles, Immersion Heaters, Hot Plates, Instrument Supports & Apparatus, Incubators & Accessories, Lab Baths & Accessories, Electrophoresis Systems, Electroporators, Cages & Aquariums, Bunsen Burners, Evaporators and much more